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Study of Esther Esther 6 6

A) The night shift:

The gallows prepared for Mordecai, Esther's first invitation last night just in time to still make hello and ending for the situation of Jews. One night, a period that seems so short but we shall see, in the hands of God, will be sufficient to change the situation and initiate an irreversible process of the issuance of Esther and her people and the fall their persecutor.

Highlights of that night: v 1: King's Insomnia:

We do not know exactly where it is due, what concerns, what thoughts agitated at point of scaring him sleep. Was it curiosity aroused by the approach of the queen, by 2 times, had hidden the reason for his initiative risky to him? Whatever the cause, the king's insomnia is not due to chance. It is the result of the action of God who wants to awaken and draw his attention to a fact and events that have long been forgotten and buried in his memory. Our

insomnia are not always due either to chance. They may also be ways of God to speak to us and remind us of different things:
- to resolve the problem of our anger : Eph 4.26
- to repent and put us in good standing with him as soon as possible:
Psalm 32.1-4 - to urge us to deal urgently with a case: 6.1
Esther - of warn us away from certain roads dangerous for us: Dan
6.2 - to invite us in situations spiritual keys to watch and pray: Matt 26.40-41
The king's desire to be read book of his memoirs

He could have very well to get to sleep ask for something else: that he is preparing a sleeping pill, that he is playing music or being read to something else. Opportunities will certainly not. The fact that the king wishes that night that he read the stories that pertained to his own story is, once again, proof that God was orchestrating all the facts and events that took place there.

How precious it is for us that sometimes God to stop us and remind us out of our memory the events and highlights of our lives:

- when we doubt, the moments where, clearly, we were with God and God with us: 1 Tim 6.12
- when we are accused, the promises through which God assures us of His His grace and favor: Rom 8.31-39
- when we are negligent, a commitment or a promise unfulfilled: 5.3 to 4 Eccl

The memory itself has no power. It is a device that faithfully records accurately and in detail all the accumulated knowledge and actions of our lives. It is the privileged instrument of the Spirit of God:
- to remind us that in time this is useful to us about Christ: Jean
16.13 to 15 - to provide timely reasons for just Judgement of God and his conviction for the lost: Luke 16.25

Glory to God! The memory of God will be erased from his memory all that has been purified and washed by the blood of Christ: Rom 8.1; Heb 10.16-17

His attention drawn to "the affair Mordecai" v 2 and 3

As our brief, the book kept by the chroniclers of the king is faithful to accurately reproduce their respect. For us, everything is laid bare before Him to whom we must realize: Heb 4.13. We all stand before the tribunal of Christ to receive Him as good or evil we have done in our bodies: 2 Cor 5.10; 2,5-11.16 Rom.

Suddenly aware of the debt it owes to Mordecai, the king asked his servants to find out what reward he has received in response to his loyalty. It should not indeed that the ruler who exercises power over the greatest empire the world should be liable in any way whatsoever to any of his subjects! The same God, the Bible tells us, forget any of the actions we have shown love for his name to him or to the saints: Heb 6.10.

Haman's coming early in the morning to complete his crime against Mordecai v 4

He also perhaps did not have much slept. But while he plotted his dark plot against Mordecai, God worked on him in the heart of the king to deliver them. Note here the cascade of events that will lead to the collapse of the persecutor:

- although clearly in a hurry and having in mind what he means to the king, it does not give him time to speak First: V 6. It's not that Haman has the reins in the hands of circumstances, but God. Similarly, in our weakness, we are not left solely in the hands of our opponent more powerful than us, but under the watchful and precise control of God: Job 2.6.

- despite having another project in mind, the pride of Haman excited by the king's proposal that it believes him to be intended, leads him to make himself the punishment that will lead to his humiliation: v 7-9. Similarly, it is by the sentence of their own mouths that Jesus against the leaders of this century will eventually condemn themselves: Matt 27.20-23, Acts 4.9 to 10, 1 Cor 2.7 - 8

- came to ask the head of Mordecai, Haman left the presence of Ahasuerus forced to apply for the Jew he hates himself and cons his words has pronounced: v 10 and 11. One day, too, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord: Phil from 2.10 to 11, those who have loved as those who have hated: 2 Thes 1.8 to 10; Rev. 1.7.

Publicly humiliated by the glory he has given against his will, his worst enemy, Haman returns with his confused and defeated. Such is the situation today is Satan, the proud spirit, since the defeat of Golgotha: Col. 2.15. Aware of the irreversible process involved for their loss, friends and the wife of Haman mean it clear what is the fate to which he must now expect V 13. He abandons his plight and failing to give, in fact, the only common sense advice he needed: to repent of his plan and his plan to destroy the Jews before it is too later. This is the work of the devil, after using the men to serve his purposes, then abandons them to their fate and despair: Mat 27.3-5

With no time to breathe, the servants of the king arrived at the door to take him to the banquet hosted by Queen: v 14. For Esther, too, the night was far from tranquil. Like God, she also began to work to finalize the implementation of its dual commitment to denounce evil and salvation for his people. Haman is now completely taken and entangled in the net it strained: 57.7 Ps. Sooner or later, the wicked shall bow before the good and the wicked to the righteous: Prov 14.19; Rev. 2.9.

B) Conclusion:

No one can fight with God without ending up losing everything. God already gives us in this life, not resist it, but we submit to Him willingly and joyfully: 1 Peter 5.5 to 6


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