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Study of Esther Esther

Epilogue of the book:

The book of Esther ends with the abstract and narrative summary of what was the reign of Ahasuerus and the role played Mordecai with him from the day he was associated. This short story is a reflection of what happens (and partly already happening) in the world when Christ, in possession of full powers to exercise authority in communion with His Father: Psalm 2.7 to 8:

- the toll of Ahasuerus by all people near and far, who lived under his rule is the prophetic picture of the tribute that will one day the whole world to the Sovereign of the heavens and the earth under the Government of Christ: Psalm 22.28 to 30; Zach from 14.16 to 19

- elevation Mordecai on the right of Ahasuerus after his victory over Haman is the epitome of that of Jesus Christ, conqueror of Satan by his obedience to the Father unto death on the cross: Phil from 2.5 to 11.

- the role he played when in this position to its people and its place in his heart are the image of Christ is and what is for us since the day of his elevation to the right the Father.
5 things precise, referring also to Christ, we are saying about it:

- Mordecai the Jew was Prime Minister of King Ahasuerus : God, our God is one God, the God of all peoples and all nations: Eph 3.14 to 15. However, under the privilege of election is a Jew, Jesus, will return to perform in His name the power and dominion over all peoples: Gen 12.1-3, John 4:22; rom 9.4 to 5

- the great man of Jewish : no doubt that few people in history have produced many celebrities or influential men in all areas that the Jewish people . But of all, Jesus has been and will remain the largest: Luke 1.31-32

- loved by the multitude of his brethren : Jesus is and will for eternity the Beloved dear to the hearts of all elected: Rev. 5.8 to 14. If we love though, is because He first loved us, and He did not hesitate to give His life and shed His blood to save us and deliver us from our sins, Rev. 1, 5; 1 John 4,10.19

- he sought the good of his people : today this is still the concern of the Lord Jesus to His people: that any work, including things more difficult and unpleasant affect us contribute to our well: Rom 8,28.37-39

- he spoke for the benefit of any race : this is now sense of action of the Son with the Father. As Mediator, Lawyer and Priest, He continues to pray and intercede for us: Rom 8.33, 1 John 1.2; Heb 9.11 to 12

To Him who sits on the throne and the Lamb, praise, honor, glory and power forever and ever! Amen:! : Rev. 5.13 to 14.


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