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Study Esther 5 Esther

A) approach Esther with the king

1) Tip:

It took place on the 3rd day of fasting undertaken by all Jews in the kingdom of Persia: 4.16. The commitment of all the people of God in prayer and fasting is the main background of the approach of Esther with the king. A priority that reminds us that in God's work is to be before God before men, that engages our struggle: see Nehemiah 1.4, 2.1 to 5. Before starting on his potential power of persuasion or the goodwill of the king is God first that the queen, and all the people of God which is at this moment the voice and the worthy representative, expects.

2) how to:

Though probably coated with Esther, too, the mourning for 3 days before, this is not so, but bearing the insignia of royalty and of its finest trappings that come before the king. What are the reasons:

- Esther knows that if God has His hand in the success of its approach, it also has its own. The work of God is not accomplished alone, but in close collaboration between God and His people: Matt from 9.37 to 38, 10.1. God will never do for us or our Christian life, nor in our service that we are called to do it ourselves: 2 1,4-5.10 Pier. Only when the obedience of man can be combined with the will of God in full so that God's work can be done.

- If it can not be sure "to the king in his pocket," Esther puts everything on its side so it can be. It teaches us and, to touch others and bring them to rally to the cause for which we want to win, we must do everything in our power to remove their front feet barriers that might cause tripping: 2 Pet 3.1 to 6; Rom 2.22-24, 1 Cor 9.19 to 23, from 10.32 to 33. Therefore have no hesitation to serve God and others all the donations we have received for winning the Gospel: Pier 1 4.10

3) Impact:

soon Esther seen in the trappings of grandeur and beauty, she won the favor of King v 2. Do not see in this immediate reaction of the king that the impact of the attraction and fascination Esther on him, but also and above all, the result of expiating prayers of an entire people and the work of God in his heart: Neh 2.6 to 8. The provisions of the heart of kings are not in their hands, but those of God who turns it wherever he wants: Prov 21.1, Acts 4.27 to 28.

Won her heart, the king held out to Esther, his queen, the golden scepter he had in hand, a sign of both his power and his grace: v 2. How is extraordinary also has access to his King, the Church, the Bride of Christ, adorned with all the trappings of his sanctity and dignity: Eph 5.27. How well dressed and beautiful in His eyes, He could refuse him anything: John 15.7, Prov 10,24; Ps 37.4. The extent of the promises of grace we have been certified by His Word: Ephesians 1.18 to 19 and the access to His throne always open person, among the children of God, comes here to be helped in their needs can and be sure to be welcomed too: Heb 4.15 to 16.

4) the approach:

The invitation from the King Esther to express his desire or his burden, Esther formula as a mysterious and prudent application: v 4:

- She calls in a first time the king and Haman, the enemy at the feast she has prepared the same day. The way of Esther is part of a plan and a strategy developed in advance, probably during the time of prayer and fasting she just passed before God. Esther advance here, not at the pace of his feelings or his human ideas, but according to the plan designed by God Himself to bring them to the rescue. The search for the will of God, putting aside his own person, his feelings, his thoughts or his own way of seeing things or design issue, then obedience still the way by which the work of God and deliverance taking place: see Joshua 5.13 to 15

- during the first meal, it remains mysterious postponing the revelation of its burden and its application to a another meal for tomorrow: v 8. This approach await the king, in human view, could harm him (we know from Chapter 1 how dangerous it is to wait and exasperate Ahasuerus). It can, however, two things:

. to feel the king, by the difficulty of expressing it, how big are the concern and the burden it carries. Esther knows that Part may not be won and that if the king seems to grant her favor, Haman also is in his, 3.1 and 15. Also between her and Haman, his favorite, Esther does not know yet which way the scales will tip his heart.
. allow time to time and God to complete the trap in which Haman is to fall. When we work in the plan and the will of God, we do not need to worry, nor to force the circumstances. God will ensure that our well concourrent and fulfilling His purpose in and through us: Prov 16.7.

B) Reaction of Haman

Flattered by the invitation of the queen and the special privilege that is his, Haman out that day with my heart full of joy and euphoria: v 9. It does not yet know that this joy, like that of all the wicked will be short: cf Luke 6.25:

- leaving the palace of the queen, she disappears already and is immediately transformed into anger and hatred at the sight of Mordecai, the only man refusing to bend the knee before him and give him the honor he feels obliged to be paid to him. Nothing is more versatile than the feelings of human nature. The heart of man is so bad that no joy, so intense it may be, can not last long, something contrary to his pride about his career did not take long to make it disappear.

- although "1000" humane reasons: v 11 and 12, she is unable to reach the fullness of human pride does not support a single thing be denied: v 13. Dissatisfaction, discontent, and basically, the desire to own everything and have nothing that we are either banned, since the beginning of time, the basis for all the sins and rebellion against God and neighbor : cf Gen 3.1.

Blinded by his arrogance, Haman adheres easily to the advice of his wife and his close working without knowing the meaning of God's plan for him: v 14. The kind words and advice we are ready to listen from the others is a good indicator of thoughts and feelings that drive us: Prov 18.8; 26.22, 17.10. May God save us from ourselves more than any other thing: that our hearts go out the sources of life and death for our soul: Prov 4:23; Marc from 7.20 to 23; Jac 3 0.10 to 12.


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