Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Toddler Is Thirsty All The Time


IS THE DAY OF THE DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION, the day or never, in any case to do it. For today, we made a clean sweep. This May 10, we change all these elected officials that continues to criticize: mayors, governors, deputies, senators, vice president and president.

But change to where? 'Less corruption, "" The End of Poverty, "promises are beautiful. But apart from the fact that candidates do not bother much to explain how they will change everything in a presidential term of 6 years, their origins leave doubt their sincerity. And the first of, Noynoy Aquino, leading in the polls, is the prime suspect in this fool's game: from a family of aristocrats and landowners, MP and senator absent for 12 years, we doubt its ability to radically break his family ties and clan. But is presented as the least bad choice among Eight major candidates for president of the Philippines.
The change, cons, is very real in the voting system for the first time, votes will be counted and transmitted electronically, and this time we can really think that this will avoid most of the manipulation of results, common practice in the Philippines. An advanced, if the candidates are afraid to lose do not play to burn all machines as has already begun.

is the day when it changes everything. For better or for worse. So to follow and understand the issues, I invite you to enter the dance of revolutions before the election. And join an event that brings together Catholic priests, and leftist activists.


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