Saturday, May 29, 2010

Has Anyone Built Home With Wrap Around Porch

In the privacy of transsexual Philippine

is the story of a country apparently so tolerant of gays and transsexuals, eccentrics and shameless, walking in broad daylight in the streets of Manila, and that print the retina from abroad who cross. But it is the story of a contradiction is born in the heart as always the history of this archipelago, between its origins conflitcuelles: a pagan culture and polithéiste open to different human forms, which enshrined transsexuals as demi-gods, and must arrange with the Catholic faith came from so far . And that is so far removed from that tolerance.

And now, this puts the Filipino transsexuals in an uncomfortable position: admitted to the comedy bars and beauty salons in the TV shows to make people laugh the most, however, they are prohibited from any official recognition. Sex change, medical support, or worse, legal protection against rape, for example. All this is denied them because they do not conform to traditional Christian image of man or woman.

I invite you to read this survey of the different facets of the lives of Filipino transsexuals, which we published in Paris Match with photographer Romain Riviere .

As an aside, I highly recommend this speech to the UN by one of the people I interviewed, Sass Rogando. A poignant speech .


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