Monday, May 10, 2010

Best Shutter Speed For A Point And Shoot


Philippine elections have shown once for the best Filipino side, and proved it was still, despite everything, in a democracy. Despite the numerous vote-buying that took place yesterday, despite intimidation and armed blocking the upward mobility achieved by the country's elites. Despite all this, Filipinos have been heard yesterday. What had not been the case for long.

In 2004 he took over a month to proclaim the President, who was found to have cheated massively. This year, we had the most results within 24 h after the start of voting. And according to an electronic process has been transparent to make the islands a huge leap forward in the 21st century. A leap forward, clearly, toward a more transparent democracy. And it is a relief to finally feel proud of Philippine political system that too often shows its more diabolical.

And it's a heart that President was elected by the Filipinos, more than one reason President. A man who bears the name of the revolution of 1986 against Marcos, which displays a childlike face and devoid of any malice, a child again, who has just left his mother.

But this child can become President? His personality erased and his lack of accomplishments as MP and senator spoke against him. He has six years to show he can get out of the cocoon and become Noynoy before Aquino.

I invite you to follow a story campaign on Swiss Radio, and read this article in TIME


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