Friday, April 16, 2010

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Noynoy Aquino: The reluctant hero

He is the son of a martyred revolutionary under gunfire the Marcos dictatorship, and the wife of the hero, who took over from him, and restored democracy in the country. It has a name that has rocked the crowds Philippines, hoping that people sentimental, always a prey to believe miracles from heaven, or to simple stories with happy endings, provided they are told in music.

Benigno Aquino III is the prodigal son. But unfortunately it is just that: the heir. He carries the memory, but has not learned to use it. He was born in the middle of courageous parents, but never had to be himself. "Noynoy" Aquino is a being crippled with contradictions, non-charismatic, and with few ambitions, but it may become the next president of the Philippines. Because according to recent polls, it is the wide favorite for the presidential election on May 10 , with 12 point lead over his main opponent, Manny Villar.

Noynoy Aquino, in fact, would have liked all this never happens. Last July, he still lived a quiet life: 49 years, this single man lived with his mother, Corazon Aquino, whose views were still very popular, and helped the little Noynoy to be elected three times as MP and in 2007 as a senator.

But now all good things come to an end. Cory Aquino died on 1 August. The crowd took to the streets to pay their last tribute to the woman who help rétablier democracy after 14 years of martial law under Marcos.

And beside the coffin, Noynoy Aquino, who had just lost his mom. In this moment of catharsis, psychological and emotional transfer was easy. The crowd, the media and the opposition have called this heir Aquino to run as President to strengthen the country's institutions.

Noynoy Aquino says himself: he did not intend to appear ... but the people there grew. So if we go ...

Listen and read the rest of the story of the "reluctant hero" through the exclusive interview that I conducted in his family home on RFI , or Time Geneva.


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