Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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The Fixed and Floating Pontoon Boat

flight preparation:

It is identical to that performed in the Departure mode range.

Ponton Fixed Departure:

It is comparable in all respects to Check Beach.
Only the surface of flight is reduced.

Departure Pontoon Float:

Departure is identical to the previous practice patterns and in some cases the action of aid to the wing is replaced by poles attached to the pontoon what are the strung small loops sewn on the back edge of the parachute.
At takeoff, perch guide the parachute to rise (this technique is sometimes also used to start the beach).

Pivoting on his chain of fixation, the floating dock is permanently oriented into the wind. Thus, the departure is always in the safest possible way.

Consequently, aid to the wings are essentially involved in the preparation of the flight and recovery of practicing in a possible landing.

The Flight itself:

It is identical to the range and depends mainly Monitor the action, the pilot boat tractor.

The Splashdown:

is the form adopted as a priority and especially when weather conditions (wind speed, sea state) does not guarantee optimal safety conditions.

The approach used in this case is the same as in the operating range.

The Deck Landing:

The procedure is the same as landing on the beach. For
mode Floating dock is relatively easier because the pontoon is permanently placed into the wind and surrounded by water.
However, in all cases, the importance of the deck surface and the air conditions of the moment is a determining factor for choosing this type of landing.


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