Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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The Platform

Preparation of Flight:

It includes:
· The audit and the preparation of the parachute
• The inflation of the parachute, the wind
· Equipment and Installation practicing
· The safety procedures to be followed at each phase
· The specific signs to communicate with the instructor during the flight.
The Inflating Parachute
Manual Inflation

Inflation assisted with the system Waterbird

Inflation with a mast

positioning after Parachute Inflation


It takes the platform at the rear of the boat where the practitioner is placed with his harness in a sitting position.

Monitor, after putting the boat into the wind, gradually increases its speed while unwinding the tow rope through the hydraulic winch.

Practitioner rises, easily and safely in the sky until it reaches the desired altitude.

Departure Singles

Departure Doubles

Departure in Triple


Similar to the previous modes, however the monitor can vary the height of the parachute by acting on both boat speed but also on the tractor winch (change in length tow rope).

The Deck Landing:

Unlike the start, while gradually reducing the speed of the boat, facing into the wind before The monitor wraps the rope tension acting on the winch.
The practitioner then descends slowly getting closer to increasing the rear platform. The
a smooth landing upright.
Once the landing is complete, the practitioner is awarded the parachute, which is still swollen up to flying again, or is slumped by using the wing.


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