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Am I Being Too Clingy Early



It includes: A

  • hemispherical canopy consists of several panels (1) treated nylon and sewn together.
  • Two panels side stabilizers (2).

  • Various openings where the air escapes in the wings:
    - The nozzles (3) now pushing air backward. They can submit videos (4) for varying the diameter (regulation of air flow).
  • - The slots and windows that regulate air pressure inside the wing
  • - A central chimney (5)

  • Four elevators (2 AV (6) and 2 AR (7 )) each connected to a set of four lines (8) (usually) attached and spread on the edge of the wing ·

  • Two central lines (9) , connected to the chimney ( brace ( 10)), which with the panels incurvent stabilizing the overall shape of the wing.

  • A V (11) traction elevators connecting the right and left to the tow rope on which hung ( rings ( 12)) both harness carabiners Parachute or drawbar.


Most parachutes are manufactured in the Anglo-Saxon (England, USA, Australia), the size of parasails expressed in "feet" (ft) and the value indicated by the manufacturer corresponds to the diameter of the blade flat, the surface of the wing is expressed in m².

Each manufacturer has different sizes of parachutes that reflect the maximum weight that can be transported (people) and the maximum wind force authorized.

In some cases, additional openings (slots) are closed by a zipper may be encountered particularly for parachutes large diameter ("Wind zip (13) 32ft to the Sportlite, " Pressure Wind " (14) in Waterbird ).

Parachutes Waterbird also have a small zipper ("QuickTrim) at the third side nozzles (15) to rectify the parachute when it can no longer fly right.

Major Brands parasailing (links):

Little Hardware

The Harness:

element essential to the practice of PAN the harness allows the parachutist to cling to the parachute (V traction) and to fly upward while seated. Manufacturing simple and comfortable, each brand offers a parachute harness in general adapted to different markets its parachutes.

Safety Vest:

From "type jacket skiing loop," the safety vest used PAN, used primarily to ensure effective buoyancy of the paratrooper, once in water (ditching ), and to protect against any shocks during practice.

The Bar Suspension:

The bar allows suspension to fly two or three people side by side regardless of their size and weight.
Two manufacturers are now offering this product:
- with its Sportlite hollow bar, aluminum, adjustable width and recommended for tandem flights
- Waterbird with its full bar , aluminum, fixed ( two sizes) and for flights from one to three people.

Rope Pulling:

Reliant parachute towing the boat, there are two types String:
- Strings for mode or length range is constant throughout the flight. Polypropylene, they are usually 10mm to 12mm in diameter and have a breaking strength of about 1400kg.

- Strings for liftboats are of different manufacture and suitable for wind power and take place (winch) without difficulty. In general, 8 to 10mm in diameter, they resist the tension of 1500 to 2500kg.
The Boat Tractor

There are two types of boat tractor :

- The boat "type skiing"
- The boat deck.

Boat "Type Snorkeling"

used in docks and beach modes (fixed and floating), these boats have two types of motorization:
- Inboard (310cv gasoline) in combination either a propeller shaft (Direct Drive) or a Z drive. Originally designed to practice water skiing ("CorrectCraft, MasterCraft ..."), these boats have a handling that can fully meet the requirements of practice mode range. Measuring about 6.50 m long, string tension is attached to the mast traction central for this purpose, and the small platform at the back (bathing) facilitates the return of the parachute after landing.
- Outboard (Outboard petrol 150 to 250 hp). Substantially equivalent in length than the previous type, these boats have a V hull generally higher on the water and are also very handy. The attachment of the tow rope is usually a V-strap whose ends are fixed on the gunwales of the boat (middle).

The boat Platform:

Designed primarily for practicing parasailing boat, the boat platform has the huge advantage to be able to pick up several practitioners (8 to 16 people depending on model) and in fact , choose the site of practice best suited to prevailing weather conditions.

All equipped with a hydraulic winch that can wrap an average 200m of rope and a large rear platform, marketed vessels have variable lengths (7 to 10m) . They have, in general, Petrol inboard engine or (260 330cv) or Diesel or Turbo Diesel (200 410cv) can be combined with either a Z Drive in a V Drive, a propeller shaft (Direct Drive) or a hydro- Jet (Jet Drive).

Note: Some professionals
NAP designed their own boat or by modifying the boat sold caractéristiquesd'un ( hull with outboard addition of a rear deck), or by creating a shape ( multihull). In all cases these vessels are unique models (prototypes ).

Major Manufacturers Boat Tractors:

Type Waterskiing

Boat Platform


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