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Since 1997 (Decree of May 26, 1997), the qualification required in France to teach, supervise or conduct parasailing Nautical (NAP) against payment, accordance with the requirement set by the Act of July 16, 1984 as amended (Article 43), was the degree of Federal Monitor parasailing Nautical issued by the French Parachute Federation (PFF) and approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports until December 31, 2002.

Since July 9, 2002 , date of creation of the Specialty "Watersports" the Professional Diploma in Youth, Popular Education and Sports (OJ of 17/07/2002) teaching, coaching or animation Parachuting Nautical cons upward earnings are now covered by a state diploma. Classified in Group G of the various media mention of the multivalent Specialty "Water Activities" (see Order), the NAP must be combined with another medium to form a Professional Diploma.

CREPS PACA - Site d'Antibes in charge until 2002 of the National Training Instructors professionals NAP, in response to the job offer in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur and the market expectation of national employment in 2003 implemented a first training in preparing BPJEPS "Watersports" in the words "Pan and towed."
A new training will start in May 2011.

. The Vocational Training built alternating , consists of 10 credit units (UC) and includes 450 hours training center and 300 hours (minimum) in business.
If you are interested in this training, please write to:

CREPS PACA - Site d'Antibes

Av du 11 Novembre BP 47 06601 ANTIBES Cedex
Tel: / Fax:

to the attention of Mr Jean-Michel PALAU , Training Officer, stating the purpose of your request, your name, surname , address, telephone number and your career plans.

To learn more about training go to the website of PACA CREPS (Training).

Privileges BPJEPS mention of PAN and towed "
- Parascending Nautical: Monitor oversees the activities of parasailing boat, with sails hemispheric nozzles in all modes of practice for all public and all media ..
- towed: Monitor oversees the practice of floating on water towed (buoys, ski bus, fly fishing ....) for all age groups and all walks of life.

Requirements prior to entry into the program:

The entry into a candidate's training for every mention of the Specialty "water sports" in the Professional Diploma of Youth, the Popular Education and Sport, is preceded of prerequisites :

. • A certificate of non-cons to the practice of nautical activities older than three months, starting training
· The training certificate First Aid
° a 100-meter freestyle, diving and recovery starting a submerged object at two meters deep, issued by a person holding a state diploma of sports educators 1st degree option activities swimming "

. The applicant must also prove the certificate of achievement testing requirements prior to entry into training for media Tenets of multivalent words:

- Parasailing Boat:

NB : The candidate performs the test technique in the practice mode of choice (beach or boat platform).

- Be licensee sea "coastal" and / or "internal waters"
- Be able to manage the implementation of flight practicing a minimum of two flights :

  • . Beach:
be able to:

- Install and test the parachute.
- To equip the practitioner.
- Provide safety instructions.
- Coordinate with the monitor (driver tractor).
- Manage takeoff of the practitioner.
  • Boat Platform:

be able to:

- Install and test the parachute.

- Pump up the parachute.

- To equip the practitioner.

- Provide safety instructions.

- Coordinate with the monitor (tractor driver) .- Recover the practitioner at the end of the flight.

- deflate the parachute. .
  • Exemptions and equivalents:
Monitorat The Federal Boat parasailing issued by the French Federation Parachuting, provides prerequisites for entry into training for the support "Parascending Boating" specialty "boating" of BP JEPS.

- towed:

- Possession of License Wed Coastal and Inland Waters.

- Be able to make a marked course and changes imposed no time limits, towing a buoy with a boat tractor "type skiing.

- Appendices
Training BPJEPS words "Parascending Boat" and towed:

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Promotion 2005/2006

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