Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red Hair Blue Eyes White Skin


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Released in Hard Rock Magazine last year.

Bergen, Norway, August 25, 2010. It gives
"Svartediket" at City Theatre. For several weeks now, the improbable, the Bestower, the embarrassment is committed in the heart of the Scandinavian city: the first "black metal musical. Featuring Kristian Espedal aka
Ghaal. Unbelievable.

The principle is simple: a basic scenario of a Gothic, a troupe of actors altogether known in Norway, and an idea that no deem lip as sickening: Richard Cocciante mate and Dimmu Borgir, and use a Ghaal as midwife. If the mischief makers were confined to the term "metal", leaving the Black Metal out of all this, you would have had to deal with a salad of kitsch indigestible but not consistently performed poorly, which would have satisfied lovers Z series tacky and kids 8 years. And thank you.

Trouble is that in Norway, Black Metal and its mythology of terror continue to sell, including unmarketable. After moult wiped refusal (and jeers, and probably hits - earned) from various local luminaries, the authors manage to convince Kristian Espedal to wallow in this bin head first. Strange when one considers the radical discourse that was it until recently, and summers when we would have great difficulty in imagining the jig in a setting board foot, disguised as Gandalf Albanian. The scenes follow a distressing escalation in the cliché that found its climax in duets with whipped cream ennamourachés Industrial "star couple". Or in the untenable posturing and singing filthy ersatz black whinning laboriously by a midget fucking hysterical a wig in black nylon where black metallers are probably supposed to meet. When the instrumentation of the piece, needless to say we are more in the bread in wheezy synth anthems skinned Burzum.

While the ostensible purpose of this farce sticky at the ease of a hoarse elephant seal, was to laugh at the way a brat screaming that we want to flatten the wall is half a success. Indisputable. The standing ovation from the roughly 200 teenagers who made tasteless full house tonight, will confirm this. A skewer blonde mature for a cultural re-education through forced labor in joy. When the authors, tie hemp and an internship top of a lamppost could be their very generously provided by local upset, if the mood took them to persist in these actions as grotesque and useless.


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