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Vins de Savoie who rely

Vineyards of Savoy
- Chignin

the south-east of Chambery, in an opulent backdrop of hills with ancient towers, vineyards clinging to hillsides clay and limestone boulders from the southern face of the mountain. Surrounded by vintage St. Jeoire-Prior, he joined the south of the Montmélian at the foot of the cliff where the rock of the day Watch the "Tilt" dressed in her cap. You can find the famous vineyards of Monterminod dominated by the cross Nivolet. The result is a wine with floral and Distinguished Highness. Chignin expressed by a shiny, yellow, transparent and hazelnut cream print. The excellent Chignin-Bergeron is harvested Chignin, Francine, and Montmélian (Roussanne). This region also provides excellent red and rosé fond (Gamay, Pinot and Mondeuse).

- The Valley Usses

On the sunny slopes of the moraines of the former Rhone Glacier, the confluence of the Rhone and Usses, his Highness, from the island Cyprus in the Crusades, gave his full names in Roussette Frangy and Seyssel. A wine is consumed with the inputs, river fish and sponge cakes. Associated with grape knob, he brings the typicality of Seyssel sparkling. Thanks to the diversity of glacial till, also found in this valley of red wines of Savoy (Gamay and Mondeuse).

- The shore of Lake Geneva

On the left bank of the magnificent Lake Geneva, Chasselas generates names: Vin de Savoie wines with Marin and Feasting in Thonon-les-Bains Marignane Saw Crépy to Douvaine Loisin Ballaison. Dry, beading, thin, lightweight, the smell of hawthorn with a background of nutty flavor and a "flint".

- The valley of the Arve

In the valley of the Arve River near Bonneville, on the flanks of the mountain of the Mole, the Gringet customizes vintage Vin de Savoie Ayze . Sparkling wine or sparkling. Lightweight and diuretic, it should be drunk at the old crude.

-La Dent du Chat Jongieux

doors of the Savoy, on the left bank of the Rhone, west of Lake Bourget, Jongieux open at the vineyard located on the foothills of Mount of the Cat and Charvaz. White: Jacquère, Chardonnay and HH, which gives Roussette of Savoy with the raw and Marestel Montoux. Sleek, spacious, with scents of violet, honey, almond, hazelnut, they combine with trout, whitefish and char lakes. Red: Gamay and Pinot Noir producing red and rosé wines light, perfect on a mountain ham and white meat. The black Mondeuse makes distinctive wines with hints of raspberry and cassis.

- Abymes and Apremont

South of Chambery, and Abymes Apremont covering 5 towns: Apremont, Marche, Myans, St. Baldoph and Chapareillan. The diversity of land (a mixture of marl and limestone boulders from the Grange with the soil in place) is the terroir of the grape for basic dry white Savoie, Jacquère. These wines are made using traditional methods and storage on fine lees allows the production of type "beading" is ideal as an aperitif. Early par excellence, the wines are characterized by a barely colored dress, a feeling reminiscent of the olfactory honeysuckle, a stamp-like taste of "flint", a deliciously cool and refreshing. It should be drunk young and fresh with seafood, fish and raclette.

- The Cradle of Mondeuse

On the right bank of the Isere, established on clay and limestone boulders and stony, the vines in AOC common Arbin Cruet Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte-Saint-Pierre and d'Albigny Fréterive adorn the exposed coast south-east against the steep bank of the Bauges. Are the grapes are grown Highness, Aligote, Chardonnay, Jacquère white; Gamay Mondeuse, Pinot Noir red, where the orientation of all these soils conducive to ripen to perfection. Alongside Roussette of Savoy, the White Jacquère and Gamay is the Mondeuse prevailing here, a beautiful reddish purple, nose of strawberry, raspberry and violet.

- The Chautagne

From the northern tip of Lake Bourget Savières between the channel (which is disgorging the lake) and River Proud flowing into the Rhone. Motz Serrières en Chautagne, and Ruffieux Chindrieux are classified in AOC with the name Vintage "Chautagne" (except for the name of Savoy Roussette). Vineyard soils formed by limestone boulders at the bottom of the mountain slopes of the Big Foug well suited to red varieties Mondeuse, Pinot Noir and Gamay especially. The wine, called "Gamay Chautagne" enjoys a high reputation since the eighteenth century (he was the favorite wine of the court of Sardinia). Her dress is slightly purplish, the discretion of its floral aroma, fruity flavor are all qualities that appeal, he must serve (between 14 and 15 ° C) between 2 and 4 years of age. The white grape varieties is still very varied here, with his Highness, Aligote, Malvasia pink.

Finally, the south shore of Lake Le Bourget, near Aix-les-Bains has a small vineyard in Brison St Innocent with varieties of Chautagne.


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