Thursday, March 3, 2011

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SOUL WOMAN: In the Skin of transsexual Philippine

They have never accepted the sex they were assigned at birth. They know, since they have a conscience, they are born female in a man's body.

But to acknowledge their sexual identity, they have struggled against their family who has generally rejected, against the company who wanted a role in the Cloister of dancers or singers, and now they want to fight against the institutions to pass a law against discrimination in the Philippines.

We started a story about the freedom enjoyed by women transsexual the Philippines, and we eventually discovered, behind the masks, a set of profiles of women who are fighting, and a situation that has nothing gained.

is, after nearly a year of work to decipher the maze of taboos, among other things created by the importation of the Catholic religion, which we present this multimedia exhibition.

Romain Riviere professional photographer, gives them a face, so I wanted to present their story in first person by a set of interviews. They will speak openly about their struggle to become the eyes of others what they have always been in their Intimacy: Women completed.

Soul Woman is presented The French Alliance in Manila , between 8 and 22 March .
This multimedia exhibition is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

To go further, you can read the long story we did earlier in Paris Match.


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