Thursday, February 3, 2011

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victims of Marcos finally compensated

She has waited 25 years before we formally acknowledge that she was tortured. Trinidad Herrera was one of the leading workers' union Tondo, called Zoto, banned under martial law from the dictatorship of Marcos. Courageous, she regularly called the poor in her neighborhood to protest, to demand better wages.
But one day, after one of these calls, the henchmen of the regime would have fallen into. It will then pass a month in a military prison, interrogated, tortured with electric son by passing current through his body. Then finally released, as if nothing had happened.

Nothing for 25 years. It took an American court, based in Hawaii, requesting the allocation of over 7.5 million dollars confiscated a friend of Marcos, for the Trinidad and over 7,000 other victims of torture and violations, so that their suffering is finally considered.

The Philippine government, he has never found it necessary to compensate anyone s ilo. Corazon Aquino, who succeeded Ferdinand Marcos, is nonetheless part from the beginning to the quest of more than 5 billion dollars embezzled by the clan. But in 25 years, the billion dollar recovered was attributed to the agrarian reform program.

That could change: the Swiss, who returned in 2003, 684 billion dollars hidden in its vaults by Marcos, demanded that some of that money goes to victims. And members should vote in the coming months a law to distribute 160 million euros to over 10 000 victims of the regime. Hopefully this money before they die they sometimes after a long wait and unfair. Trinidad Herrera, she was already 69 years.

To follow the history of Trinidad and to learn more about this matter, here's an article in Le Temps . To hear the subject and moving account of Trinidad, here is a story about RFI.


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