Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soften A Cotton Blanket

Cotes du Luberon Le Puy ARTS



(Côtes du Luberon)
Mathias Théric
the Neighborhood Bessieres
84240 Phone: 04 90 09 81 76
Fax: 04 90 09 99 71
Email: contact@lepuydesarts.com
Channel: www.lepuydesarts.com

Three generations of the family have succeeded to change their wine and adapt work practices and distribution in a spirit that has not changed. A philosophy based on fun, family, respect and good humor around a cohesive team. All vintages are drawn from grapes harvested and sorted by hand. Enjoy the Cotes du Luberon white wine The Luberonne 2007, where hints of flowers white and nutty, mouth flexible and strong at once, with the final grades ripe pineapple, wine bright and bold both, really successful. The Cotes du Luberon wine Luberonne The Red 2007, a vintage high 12 months in barrels of oak, with subtle notes of humus and small fruit overripe red is a rich wine, full in the mouth, very affordable. The 2006 is fleshy and aromatic, purple dress and bright at powerful nose dominated by red currant, lead to a stew. Their wine bar is a friendly place where you can nibble, which is a great opportunity to take a break in this beautiful area.


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