Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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Madness Black Jesus seizes Quiapo

They all wanted to approach, touch, or just caress. This coveted statue winding through a seething sea of heads and outstretched arms, made its way amid a difficult neighborhood in agitations, by this holy day. We were
Sunday, January 9. Like every year at this time, the Savior Jesus made his rare appearance on the streets of Quiapo, one of the oldest districts of Manila, the population density already exceeds the bearable. And challenged beliefs, had catalyze all hopes of a people as desperate as spiritual.

This Jesus is not only savior. It was saved. Saved from the flames engulfed the boat carrying him from Acapulco in the 17th century, and was unable to complete its journey to Manila, the former English colonial city. This wooden statue had miraculously survived the inferno, and it remains to this image, as a mark of this incredible event, that swarthy Jesus is black! It is called to Quiapo "The Black Nazarene," and it surely drraine more crowds than Bob Marley in its heyday.

Getting in this crowd is, therefore, the Olympic feat, even if the Olympics included the inhuman ordeal of traveling in a compressed crowd that converges in streets close to a small tank.

Police say more than 7 million people are at any given in the streets of Quiapo, during the procession at snail's pace, which lasted over 12 hours. All these people came for one reason: Jesus touch this miracle, and thereby, be touched by the grace of the miracle. Some believe this gesture to be cured of their disease, other, more prosaically, to win the lottery.

All are filled with great hope that lead them to defy reason and flirting with danger in this stubbornness: this year, 700 people were treated to fainting, fractures or other injuries. In other years, several people died trying to be saved.

When they can not get on the faithful to go directly touch the statue, they send towels that come into contact, and they are returned. The contact is indirect, it seems, accredited by the highest federal authorities of the sport spirit.

And many other churches in Manila, but also other surrounding cities, also come with their black Jesus, supposed to bring a lot of miracles. Of course, the most valiant after all this procession ... barefoot and celebrate the passage of the effigy and shouted "Viva!

Join the crowd and his passion ...

And the lucky ones who came to touch the Lord bear few scars ... exhaustion.


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