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Burdigalia Ancient Romans became the middle of the twelfth century capital of Guienne before belong to the British who held it for two centuries. In 1152, the second marriage of Eleanor of Guienne with Henry Plantagenet, Duke of Normandy, Count of Anjou, tightened links Bordeaux-English at the throne of England became the Count of Anjou Henry II in 1154 . Thus, Bordeaux became English subjects, French sat at the court of England and the wine trade with that country intensified. Richard I said "Lion Heart", eldest son of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II lived in Bordeaux and was a big fan of wines. His brother, John Lackland, took under its protection the Bordeaux merchants and regulations on the date of sale of wine: November and December. The wine in barrel, there was then no method of preservation, as it was the youngest wine sold best. The old wine is distributed to the poor. The decrees favored English more so than the Bordeaux merchants of other cities solicited their input in these elected Aquitaine.

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During the Hundred Years War, the burghers of Bordeaux were supportive of the English they enjoyed privileges. Guyenne yet tried to detach from the use of English. That's when the British general Talbot, from a Norman family, attacked and took Bordeaux but was killed in a battle before Castillon, 17 July 1453. This century warrior ended and returned to Bordeaux in France. The vineyards are spread around the city of Bordeaux and is enriched at the point of using his power to prevent the wine of the Medoc to load their wines along the Gironde. This "privilege of Bordeaux," or economic blockade, abolished only in 1776, was behind the disappearance of many vintages. The use of wine is spreading increasingly, also the excesses, then Francis I decreed in 1536 that "anyone found drunk will be immediately thrown into prison and put on bread and water". In case of recidivism, was the whip. In the third misstep, even the whip, but in public, and if the culprit was caught a fourth time was the amputation of one ear. It began to learn to drink in the sixteenth century under Henri III. The practice was that glass of wine, at the bottom of which was placed a grilled crouton, might pass from hand to hand until the person to honor. It emptied the glass and then ate the crust called "tostee. The origin of the word toast comes from there. The wine trade in Bordeaux enjoyed some quiet when exports were halted to England. The Methuen Treaty, signed between England and Portugal, taxed heavily French wines. A fee of 55 pounds per ton was imposed when he was only 7 pounds per ton for Portuguese wines. This enormous tax swung shipments of "claret" to the Dutch ships were coming in hundreds every year to collect the new wine. Wine storage became easier with the advent of blown glass bottle and cork, facilitating exports to the Caribbean, India, America. Bordeaux enjoyed a prosperity that prompted advantageous Danish, English, Irish and Dutch to settle Chartrons dock and trading practice at the highest stage. This economic boom was halted by the French Revolution and the wars of the Empire. The arrival of Napoleon did not help things. This is a great lover of wines from Burgundy, it was not until his exile on St. Helena for the wine trade found its booming ...

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