Monday, November 22, 2010

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The massacre of Maguindanao - A year later, against oblivion

The task is immeasurable, and waiting, untenable. 197 people are now accused of having participated, directly or indirectly, in the bloodiest massacre in modern Philippine history. 500 witnesses expected be called to testify, most who agreed with mad courage to denounce the Ampatuan clan.

The evidence is overwhelming against this bloody clan, which for more than ten years he held an undivided power over the province of Maguindanao, had planted dozens of corpses to gain control of his kingdom undivided . the recent report by Human Rights Watch described Similarly, in a terrifying precision, the executions in the saw family members of opponents. "They own the people", "People are theirs." This is the picture that could not help but have the people of this province plunged into a dark and corrupt rule of Ampatuan.

All this evidence, however, should not suffice to condemn quickly twenty members of this clan charged with the murder of 58 people. "A trial normal, which excludes an accused and a victim, takes on average 5 years " says, sorry, Harry Roque, a prominent lawyer of human rights and defender of 15 plaintiffs. Some calculations to give an end date for the trial, conviction and therefore, have resulted in multi-digit zeros. Terrifying and absurd.

On this day of commemoration of the massacre of 23 November 2009, the Minister of Justice has asked to double the number of hearings - by the way of a hearing deux.par week. But will he? The widows of the 32 journalists killed, along with other victims, hoping to be alive to witness this sentence.

I suggest you read the testimony of one of these widows, Glenna Legarta, hopes and fears, one year after the assassination of her husband. Here

my article in Le Temps .

Photo: Three widows of journalists killed during the massacre, with 57 others. Credit: Alastair McIndoe


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