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Les Coteaux d Aix are to take seriously

Syndicat d'AIX COTEAUX-D'AIX Syndicat d'AIX

Interview with Mr. ROQUE PERTUSA President of the Interprofessional Wines of Provence of (CIVP), representative of production.

Vigneron Cooperating cellars Ramatuelle, Cogolin, Grimaud, aged 46, Mr. Roque Pertusa Family operates 75 ha in the Gulf of St. Tropez. It has several responsibilities in organizations in the industry: vice-president of Ramatuelle Cellars, president of the Federation of Cooperatives cellars Var, FVAC administrator and member of the GDO Cotes de Provence . "I succeeded Jean-Jacques Bréban reached the end of his term. My goal is to maintain the leader of Wines of Provence and incomes of producers and traders . We slightly increased contributions to equip the research center and development Vilauban within the precincts of the Chamber of Agriculture to continue its investigations in the service of wine. The pink of Provence combines well with various dishes, from pizza to sirloin or Asian dishes. He also appreciates more and more to the aperitif. We sold all of Wine vintage 2008, whether in the Coteaux d'Aix, or Var Coteaux Cotes of Provence. The 2009 vintage is a quality, winter 2008 had benefited from many rains, the plant was able to tap into the underground water need not to suffer the summer heat. The wine offers aromas citrus and maintains a very pronounced pretty pale dress. Producers and traders provided an important qualitative effort to achieve the best assemblies. As I am president of the inter Wines of Provence , I mean all three designations , each has its own peculiarities related to their local , but we gather our strength, our resources and good humor to give our support to all. We have a very dynamic action, work on the Grand Mediterranean area now welcomes Wine Country, have taken action with the Chamber of Commerce Brazil during Carnaval, are very much in Vinisud in Montpellier, the United States United Germany in then London in May ... We are trying to fine tune our actions to provide efficient service to our members. Even if our Wines of Provence are a very good market Business locally with tourism, we are looking for markets where we can ship them if Mother Nature was more generous with higher yields. It is our responsibility to anticipate this by finding profitable markets and promising for tomorrow. We give a portion of our budget on boosting sales of cellars, wine shops, markets, restaurants ... to maintain and develop the sale of proximity. The wine tourism is the flavor of the day and all producers adhere with the effort to better welcome. "

Union AIX


CIVP - House Wines - RN 7 83460 Les Arcs sur
Phone: 04 94 99 50 10
Fax: 04 94 99 50 19
Email: civp@provencewines.com
Channel: www.vinsdeprovence.com


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