Thursday, April 1, 2010

Can I Clean My Penis With Hydrogen Peroxide?

The Bronzés Stalingrad

Full metal Constest 2010.

Cet année encore, un bon pretexte for CNK (NDLA: the group in which j'officie ) to be created and broken bones of the crap cheap. Let me free you of the principle: A ski resort, a "contest" to "free ride" (read "race" to "suicide") during the day and an evening concert. In rough Savoie Les Menuires resort. Our boots are polished, your teeth bleached with sodium hydroxide, our Mentula erect, ready to Recapture our DNA on the peaks of France. And not with the menu frottin Judge for yourself: We are opening for Suicidal Tendencies. For too many philistines who frequent these pages, it is the legendary band from Venice Beach, where he officiated Metallica bassist he y 'a few years. The
our arrival we are greeted with open arms by the locals, skin handbag, leg in plaster, genépi house in hand. Les Menuires singing our name, the mayor gives us the keys to the city, children chasing us laughing in the street, we beseech the priest to go rub the ass of the virgin adorning his parish at the con, the old us ask the blessing ... Finally, the usual topo razor dice that landed somewhere.
I will try to move quickly on the fest in itself and the preceding day. You can ski in uniform, we get drunk on mulled wine at the snowpark located at 2400m altitude in listening to the very strong venom. Guys spit fire on the torch of skiers trying to make the worst acrobatics in order to lose the use of their legs, and that's snowstorm. As if the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics had found himself as a thematic festival in Stalingrad forraine self-destructive. "

Then the night concert. Probably the best group. Audience approaching 1,000 people, including a small fringe of fanatics who have not hesitated to pull the scene our beloved leader for almost all the last title. This was not a simple thing for him to manage. Indeed, a few hours before, the latter had cracked a rib while walking on the head of his wife. And as we ate a fondue just before going on stage, all washed down with gallons of our dear sponsor not good ... In short, the mind is about as healthy as the body.
suite is also not sad. Because while my comrades take the road to the capital, I have 3 more days.
with the locals.
The Savoy.

I've long held forth on what people grumbler rustic but warm, the genome sometimes self-centered (" like that then, your parents are brother and sister practice ...?"), violent, dangerous separatist, and suitable for human life almost as valuable as that of pigs, which they worship. Whatever his age, Savoy likes to drink his produce himself and eat with the right products in the field. In the 70's decor very orange in my small apartment in the resort, we taste the famous genépi 40/40/40 (40 sugars, 40 strands Genepi, 40 days) even if his producer rattle to give me the recipe, preferring premium abbord a " we do this with stuff lying around in a mountain we put them in the hooch, we sugar and voila. "Around an excellent" Sausse "(saucice dry), prepared with love by my friend Fabien now, we are preparing to go to dinner. In the" Mountaineer. "Not without have accepted with great joy in a jar " pie trumpets of death".
Once there, we order " Benches bellevilloise " John and I listen tell me a story. The best stories . The story of the viper. " If you want I have to shop there going after the meal ."
What is the viper?
is when you take a good big viper (" is super easy to catch, just need a stick and run after "), you him spit his venom in the booze. And afterwards, as you will not throw the viper, the bah you drowning in booze. Gurgle. And bah you farm and you leave " flavor. That was in 1999. And we are in 2010. "It is not there."
Taste ... is enough ... earthy, peaty with a small side (" that's venom, but y 'is not enough, it's not dangerous ). In the booze to 70%. Delicious.

You'll understand the change of scenery sometimes involve simple things. Trumpets of death, mattress and viper. I was promised for this summer a "groundhog stew. "It's hard enough as taste, and it's full of small bones, have to watch. And when you kill it, do not pierce the rat, if it's yucky after .
" Oh no, it's bigger than a rat, and it's better .

you next year.

To Fab, Manu, Jeremy, John, and kebab stands in sheep that made me spend a few hours I am far from forgetting .


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