Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where Should My Cervix Be During My Period

Philippine Women seeking foreign husbands

They are in love but have never seen the man. They speak with him for 3 years and are ready to marry him, but have never touched. Internet, now broken borders. And opens the way from America to the thousands of Filipinos who have a dream: that of emigration.

Today, 100,000 Filipinos - especially the Philippines - are registered on dating sites. A huge number making it one of the first nations listed on these international sites. The hope of the Philippines is to meet a man caring, sweet and charming, and above all thanks to him for having a comfortable life.

note, the Philippines does not make them venal, and do not see a stranger than a banknote. But the vast majority of them come from the province where they live with a rather poor standard of living. But they dream of something else, it has the American Dream. These cities of Davao, Dumaguete, Zamboanga or, millions go each year to work in Saudi Arabia, Canada or the United States.

But another possible route for women, today thanks to the Internet: that of finding the better life by meeting a stranger. Love mingles easily with this dream for girls especially romantic, and the barrier of the Internet does not interfere too much in general. They remain faithful to this stranger with whom they talk for hours a day for months and years, waiting to live a new dream life over there in America.

Hear the testimony of one of these girls, but also the risks taken by those seeking the Philippines in this new life in This report broadcast on RFI . , and most importantly, longer and therefore more interesting this article in La Croix
( Photo: Top: meeting the "board" organized by the Philippine authorities for Filipino women who are about from abroad with their new husband.
Ci-cons: Brenda, from a small island province, is about to join her husband of 51 years in the U.S.)

But to extend the subject, I also open discussion with other actors in these relationships: men . I met Filipino girls here, I am interested to have the testimony of those who have had the chance to meet these girls, and could lead to the end or not, these relationships.

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