Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Board Holders For Tae Kwon Do

The ladle rotten.

Very recently, an unfortunate story brought me to the conclusion that someone I knew, following a trick, proved deserve my wrath. Or stick. Or death.
When I put to hate, I do not do it halfway.
Leaving the stream of insults flowing merrily over the days in my sick mind, in my eyes and protector rider, then I noticed that many funny and amazing system was being installed. System insult. Creative, filthy and very colorful, with unmatched efficiency. Thus, when under the influence of a false coincidence, "bucket of piss" stood in line single file with his girlfriend the "tureen to vomit," or the "gravy boat to Glob of Spit", and repainted to nine this contemptible breed, structure appeared surprisingly clear.
Let me sing it.
It can break down what I am inclined to consider it as an insult effective in two distinct parts, which, once bound, proved incredibly effective, "to rival a negro," as I recement heard him in Ghostbusters.
(It should be noted that future proposals do nothing to place rules)

I. The first part will consist of an object containing , functional food, hygiene or related to transport.

1) The object function food be more appropriate if the content is in the form moist rather than dry. (As such, read "The dry and wet" by Jonathan Littell, Leon Degrelle speaks it is almost exactly like)
Thus, we prefer to avoid salt. Indeed, if "salt to vomit" ready to smile, it is undeniable that "sink losses" is far more effective, he will vex and more. Or better yet: will cry.

2) An object containing functional toilet. It will become more virulent if it is part of a notion of sealing . It is annoying that the content macula floor. Thus, bath or bidet will be more appropriate to the injury that basket, box or even flannel.

3) The purpose involving the concept of transport. Free to the appreciation of everyone, it scans a broad enough spectrum ranging from the wheelbarrow to the freighter, through the tank or wagon. In the same way as in the previous paragraph, the notion of tightness is appreciated, it will still include public transport in some cases. Bus or tram may, where appropriate, suitable s'averrer. The Smarts are however excluded.

II. The second part, she describes a content.

1) According to a well-known rule, all production, in liquid or semi liquid human body will do. The few productions solid type calculation the kidneys, are of course welcome.

2) Any natural or man-production status solid, liquid or semi liquid, provided that the latter are considered r├ępugante, smelly, caloric, bearing defect or carrying germs.
mud = good, use
snow = none, to throw.

III. The binder

The preposition to walk just about everything blows. Rustic and provincial, it gives an authentic tint to the whole. In preference therefore OF more annoying because-neutral.


The diagram that follows provides indications and has obviously not pretend to offer comprehensive content .

etc. ...

"you only have two lines to shoot, call your kids and tell them all the good you think of them!
Dolto "

When the person who inspired this note, I dedicate these few tests:
Ladle rotten wheelbarrow swill wagon loss tureen DIARRHEA, cargo shit, Glob of Spit bucket, trailer to snag. Thank

for your attention.


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