Wednesday, October 21, 2009

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The Internet revolution of electronic elections

This is certainly not the sexiest topic exists, certainly not as a killer typhoon ... but yet that could change the policy in the Philippines. It could even bring down the tradition of massive cheating and flagrant that continues in every election, and prevents the renewal of party elites.
This "revolution"? Machines for counting ballots. Oh, nothing extraordinary, the same that are used in India, part of the United States, Canada ... but in the Philippine context, it is a giant step.
How it works? First, a ballot with the names of hundreds of candidates running for the next election - during which the 47 million Filipino voters will renew all the posts of mayors to the President. Then a check box for each of them. The voter is finally dragging its ballot into the machine, which scans the ballot and the vote and its image in a flash card.
Once the office is closed, the machine connects to a telephone line, and the results are sent directly digitally recorded on three different servers. The revolution is here: we can no longer intercept the result sheets, which was common before.

It is more than 6 months before the elections, and many of robbery may still be held by a majority of elected officials who do not want elections as transparent ... but nonetheless, a glimmer of hope going on Philippine democracy.

To follow the process you can buy this story .

Pictured: Director of the Commission on Elections, Jose Melo, which has a counting machine and try it by voting.


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