Thursday, October 8, 2009

Win The Lost At Any Cost Hymnal

New Bilibid, the high jail

A prison where you can move at will throughout the day, buy fresh fish in the morning and have coffee at a sidewalk ... before receiving a visit from his wife on Saturday night! This is the decoration of the High Security Prison in New Bilibid, near Manila. The largest detention center Philippines, where the greatest criminal locked up in the country.

A secure prison by the guards themselves, actually. Because for 20 000 prisoners, only 140 guards, who take a perverse pleasure to stay at the front door or on the walls.

Yet, in this overcrowded prison, the crime rate is particularly low. A secret Philippine resourcefulness, so to speak.

And I invite you to discover through my story audio, written and Slideshow in collaboration with Andy Maluch, which could take pictures inside.

Bon Voyage to jail!


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