Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top Basketball Songs To Run Out To

A reference Balestard la Tonnelle


Castle Balestard the TONNELLE

Jacques Capdemourlin

33330 Saint-Emilion
Phone: 05 57 74 62 06
Fax: 05 57 74 59 34

For over 400 years, St. Emilion is the cradle of the family. Jacques Capdemourlin his son Thierry to him, is passionate and tireless on the good word around the world. Balestard was the name of a canon of the chapter of Saint-Emilion. This believed is very old and the poet Francois Villon, the fifteenth century already boasted the qualities of wine in a poem contained elsewhere on the label. The 10.60 ha (70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon ) bloom on a rocky plateau, a land enjoying lots of sunshine. This gives the GCC Chateau La Tonnelle Balestard 2007, with hints of blackberry and toasted, a wine powerful yet very round, full tannins to further silky, dense and firm prune dominated in the final A wine colorful, beautiful amplitude. The 2006 is balanced , generous and exquisite finesse a very seductive wine. The 2005 combines rich tannins a very nice style. The 2004 is rich in color , fleshy, smells like cherry and undergrowth, powerful muzzle, very successful, excellent development. 2003 Beautiful, beautiful dress garnet, very balanced, with aromas spices, fruits reds, tannins present and silky at once, of beautiful custody. From an area of 14 ha of vineyards the Saint-Emilion GCC Cape Mourlin 2007, when the fineness joins forces with a velvety persistent in the mouth, is charming, with flavors d spice and cherry, color intense, fleshy With tasty tannins, a good concentration. The 2006, with notes of truffle and strawberry woods, great harmony, very fragrant, sappy , generous and persistent palate, very good structure, rich and flexible both. The 2005, complex and elegant with tannins is a nice mellow wine very typed Saint-Emilion. The Saint-Emilion GCC Petit Faurie de Soutard 2007, from 8 ha of vineyards , is all mouth, nose of plum, combining power and finesse A wine rich and well fleshy you like them, beautiful dress sustained a lovely concentration, nose powerful and subtle at once, with the connotations of truffles, melted in the mouth. The 2006 is by its ditingue finesse, with a woody still scored a very wine suave in the mouth. The 2005 is still closed , powerful, should be expected. The 2004 has a beautiful dress purple with hints of spice and undergrowth and dense tannins. Try also the Montagne Saint-Emilion- Chateau Roudier 2007, from 30 ha of vineyards located full south, sunny to aromas of fruit ripe tender, crisp and attractive finish.


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