Friday, October 8, 2010

Dimmest Star In Orion

Champagne Baron Albert



Claude Baron 1, rue des Chaillots - BP 12 02310 Grand Porteron
Phone: 03 23 82 02 65
Fax: 03 23 82 02 44

A beautiful Champagne John La Fontaine 2002 ( Chardonnay, Pinot Black and Pinot Meunier), which emits tones white flowers with a touch of honey, a beautiful color gold, with aromas many of these fruits ripe notes of lime, finely bouquet and perfectly bodied, very elegant. The Champagne The Preference Vintage 2003, assembly of 7 raw a remarkable year, drawn from the three varietals Champagne : Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Black Pinot , over 50% of wine became acquainted with the oak barrels during its development, is a beautiful champagne with discreetly mineral aromas A wine ample and very well balanced , delicately golden hue, while aromas, while persistence of foam creamy and woody aerial delicate. The vintage AL Gross, whose label is particularly successful as a tribute to Albert Louis Baron, founder of the house in 1947, pure Chardonnay, vinified and aged in barrels of oak , after only the best vintages core, whose circulation is limited to 5512 copies, is all flavors , mouth distinguished dominated dried fruit and fishing yellow, beautiful golden hue, a rich Champagne, while subtle, a nice length, very fine mousse of intense, very pleasant on a slightly raised kitchen. Excellent gross Card gold ( Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Black Pinot), beautiful dress , with notes of fruit and fresh spices, thin foam which combines the rich aroma and persistence. The Vintage 99, beautiful yellow dress gold at nose of fresh fruit , is rich and powerful, a nice finish. The crude Tradition, dominant Pinot Meunier (70%, the rest Chardonnay) is very well-made, scented, typed, with notes of citrus and a touch spicy. The semi-dry The Preference Vintage 98 is smooth while finely bouquet.


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