Saturday, September 18, 2010

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In Languedoc, it is to knock the right door

- Price of Honor: 10
- Price of Excellence : 6
- Winners: 20
- Hopes : 7

Large wines here, there has Languedoc but soils are known and are not progressive. The strength of these wines is to have retained their specificity reveals itself through the vines of the region, each speaking as appropriate for alluvial soils , of slate, schist of or limestone, enjoying a nice price / quality ratio .

Three cases define the region

- There are growers who have long and have always been able to control the yields, vinification and raise their wines , respecting their specificity, without wishing to copy this or that is better known. This is the hard core major wines of Languedoc , although some tend to forget. Most are heads of their names respectively, and the fact it deserves a helping maintain hat. They are also found mainly in Price of Honor and Excellence.

- Then there are homeowners in all designations, which have evolved more recently to a similar qualitative research, especially in recent years. They believed in their area and I have supported from the beginning. Major blue chip stocks and some cellars . They are at the top of my Top .

- There is finally those not long-settled in the area or properties that have been taken up by growers other regions or children. It defends them happy because they are also committed to producing wines typed and quality at very affordable Price (6-12 €) ...


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TOP VINTNERS AQUITAINE pour l'aménagement de la maison écologique et Bio !


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