Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Is Cellulitis Of The Knee?

attempted by experienced nuclear

is a beautiful building. From the outside, it requires: its structure to the sharp angles, lines of concrete robust sound and sober gray coating. Inside, too, everything seems in place: the nuclear reactor is kept by a wall more than a meter thick, and the galleries are ready to drag the uranium rods. It was bound only to actuate the lever on the engine room to start the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. And yet ...

And yet, this nuclear power plant completed in 1986, which claimed the tune of about $ 2 billion in taxpayer Philippines, has never produced a kilowatt of electricity. It must be said that 1986 was the worst year for operating such a revolutionary turn. For it is precisely this year that another street revolution toppled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos who initiated this project to reshuffle all the cards and reverse the order of things. And so the great nuclear project Marcos left with the bathwater: seals, barriers, we bury the nuclear revolution. This was surely central
few corpses to its credit: its initial cost should be less than a billion dollars, and surely many diversions have taken place during the ten years of its construction.

Geological studies conducted to determine the viability of the site would not get done seriously, and Marcos would unreasonably pushed to the wheel that this plant is built. Is there really no flaws in this land of Bataan, in this highly seismic archipelago? Moreover, the NATIBS Volcano is located less than 80 km, and even if it is off, he might wake up very soon, some experts .

The controversy over this expensive nuclear power plant these days resurfaces it in the Philippines, because the new government Benigno Aquino's intention to restart the country's nuclear program . Electricity is sorely lacking, the cuts are becoming more regular. We must find new sources of production in the archipelago, clean, and efficient.
The rehabilitation of the Bataan plant would be the fastest option to start the nuclear program in the Philippines. but also the most controversial.

Listen this story made from the heart of the plant.


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