Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wording For A Certificateof Thanks


The Caucasus is a bit like a wild flower: it is necessary to stoop to the cueuillir. Thus, assisted by my two colleagues, we are crossing the region driving a muddy 4x4. On the track resembling that at least British snooker dermis of a syphilitic whore observed with a powerful magnifying glass, with furious discharges into it. That day, it was 7 hours of chaos Lovecraft, with a tire bursting 2600m altitude. In a muddy torrent of course. I would spend on beauty the place anyway, we're not here to speak well.
And why?
To visit the highest village in Europe inhabited by Jove. Ushguli in Svanethi.

first apartment, very racist, let me set you free man on Georgia. It embodies the most amazing lazy he is, spends his time in the shade, asleep both arms around the tree, or it will remain hands in his pockets full dodger along the highway from the vehicles, moreover, very slow. But as it is scary, we shall not attempt to put the work force. In fact you imagine a creature combining the attitude soft a kebab seller lethargic with a physical flayer kitten. Make him noisily dragging feet and you're there. And do not look for women, they are all in church. Yes
therefore, svanethi.
The particularity of this region of Georgia misplaced is that the people who occuppe Svan, not content with being very Georgian and thief also has a pretty nasty character. At the point of having erected throughout the ninth centuries dozens of fortified towers of defense, very beautiful, measuring up to 50 meters. "But damn it, shit in a hole like that, who could blame the good people Svan? Besides the towers are placed in villages anyhow..

In itself it protects.
Because yes, indeed the Svans are so bright they make war not between tribes or families, but even between neighbors. As a result, when Berthier wanted to thrash this boil Pichard (with the rusty knife), the latter, smart, Trissa is in its turn and veered wide and stayed there for months. And if Berthier was going up anyway, Pichard fucked him over with stones. And when it was over, he took the secret underground chopper to go to others. And every family in the village had its tower for this purpose. That way if your neighbor wants to cut your throat one evening, what can happen, bah you're in your lap And Mrs. St. thee thrown stones above.
Borat in the decoration of the lord of the rings with a plot to Kusturica punctuated by Benny Hill.

Svanethi let us turn to "contemporary". Obviously the good people raise animals. Breeding is a big word because in fact, it's like a big release of pigs and goats in the "streets". I even saw some cows in a house. These friendly creatures doing well on their poop or whatever they sing, the soil is found to be in reality carpet shining in full of fecal matter in the powerful aroma very authentic.
We spent 2 nights homestay there. Example
hospitality Svan. Meal. We ask the babushka wine. Application altogether realistic given the gargantuan table offered to us. Except that there's no. "BUT I HAVE IT AND IT'S GIFT." A jare of 1, 5 liter Chacha home. A very local booze whose main interest of spinning Lovecraftian hangovers and eating the optic nerve. After checking the first sip, and an impenetrable black veil over my eyes alighted, followed by violent convulsions stomach.

But it is already time to go. 30 minutes after our departure and a long road traveled (300m), Razor Dunek realized he had forgotten his camera battery. "Morning!" cried he, and after a call to the great mother, set off towards the village, recovering property that was hanging under his bed. Except that the old and half the village was waiting with a mouth to hang over the street. "Me I t'accueuille, I offer you good and you chacha! You, you treat us thieves?!" tension rises despite the efforts of the valiant French circled. But as he had also forgotten his umbrella to the "toilet", it made them laugh a lot, and when he knocked at the door before leaving, at the Pierre Richard, the hilarity was like the laughter of the good people Svan still ringing up Vanshkarah. Then all was forgotten, and thank you.


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