Saturday, July 31, 2010

Can You Get Oovoo On A Webcam

Lavra Kiev

Holidays are also the culture, sightseeing, learning about other customs sometimes overlooked. Ahhhhh
ethnographic museums and halls of clay pots, shards of their rooms which is crossed (at a run) to feel good. We're not going to lie, culture vacancy in this aspect bipolar oscillating between fascination and genuine authentic chore.

Razor Dunek, Kiev, Ukraine, star, suddenly exclaim "WE NEED TO VISIT THE LAURE KIEV *, this is one of the greatest shrines of the Orthodox world!, Basements it seems there are amazing. And I have marked on our program, no choice. I 'm breaking down refractory. "


robed priests in churches and caves photocopied wet, and his horde of Russian tourists. Anyway, so we will feel good and go.

After a good half-hour strolls on the site, it is very true golden and gigantic knobbed, we finally find the entrance of said basement. A priest distributes thin yellow wax candles at the entrance, and the general Eight of necrophilia gohique can begin.
Not a single electrical current in fact, the only source of light is produced by our candles, from beginning to end. In fact caves as a zero, we go down the stairs of a vaulted corridor microscopic whitewashed, all there is to clean and Orthodox.

After descending a few minutes, we land in a maze of corridors accabit the same, only our flames illuminate. Not a single tourist in reality, the only fauna present consists of pilgrims. And priests in black robes, sparkling in the light of this sympathy and malice that which those who have done six times per round trip between earth and hell. And have seen the horrors of too close.
"Mazet and saprisiti, here's a strange infatuation for a simple maze with no water or electricity!" I will tell you why. I quickly found that the wall, in addition to the conventional icons, are pierced with cavities and compartments. And in these sockets, glass coffins. And in those coffins the bodies of popes died in atrophied Lavra. They are hidden and swaddled as infants in stoles embroidered figure of dance macabre skulls and naive. Only hand out cloth, and it is enough to understand what it is.

And these bodies are present in tens, hundreds in the labyrinths. Every believer (obviously at a loss with common sense), embraces these coffins, chanting, hand tight around the candle. Two men genuflexion rub his head against a wall. A woman, her face veiled, bang their heads against the order of the frame of an icon without stopping. In a recess, closed by a grid, we can distinguish, aided by the dim light given to us, a series of works in glass globes which are crowded shovel-mell of skulls and fragments of dismembered human bodies. Half an hour of wandering, they are the same scenes that are repeated again that nothing will disturb the hysterical frenzy of morbid devotion. A delight. For those interested in mental illness, the clautrophobie at practices retro and corpses, of course. Otherwise, I recommend it.
And thank you.

* the name it bears, I can not help it, do not see here any reference to an unlikely local prostitute named Laura.

ps: As ever, the photos were prohibited, we have stolen what we could.


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