Thursday, January 7, 2010

Outcomes Of A Pap Smear

survive the election is good news for the start of the year: geothermal

Come on, we will change a bit of bad news. Today, for the first post of this year is good news for us and for our dear nature: the Philippines, geothermal energy is booming. This is the second green revolution on the march! Finally if all goes as planned. As investments in a particular sector can take years to complete.

But everything grows to believe. The Philippines is already the second largest producer of geothermal energy, with 17% of its energy from volcanic vapors of the archipelago. And its potential is twice as large. The second wave of investment is therefore now underway.

So with the soaring oil prices in recent years, and slowly but surely becoming more aware of the reality of climate change in this archipelago often battered by typhoons ... here we are with a law on renewable energy which is a model internationally, and has already begun to scare many investors to lend to this set of geothermal in the Philippines!

Follow me to the heart of the volcano Cuernos Negros, Dumaguete, with this story!

And in somewhat more detail in this article Cross


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