Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Lump In A Dog's Tail

The armored car, or how

is the story of politicians who would survive the election. And how to get there.
To tell this story, it takes a while to get into the shoes of a governor of the northern Philippines, which has already amassed a substantial nest egg thanks to his loyal - and especially unfair-services at the head of his province. A governor who decides he deserves to put this talent to the national cause, to be heard in the assembly of Manila, by presenting himself as a member This constituency in general elections next May.

The problem is that he is not alone to play his opponent for this position, the current member, is part of a large family, with great means. Means above all armed and ruthless to keep this position: that member, as hundreds of politicians like him, has his own militia ready to defend that position publicly cornered against intruders. And reduce the car the other contenders in colander Wheels.
Conclusion: Our beloved candidate is certainly candid, but not suicidal. He goes in the garage of Exoarmoring, north of Manila, to shield his car!

This is probably the only garage these days, to rejoice, in spite of him saying it, to see the candidates address their different shots with automatic weapons: his book of orders grew 30% in few months .

These elected officials - who are supposed to win a few tens of thousand pesos per month, a few hundred dollars-arrived with their Toyota Land Cruiser or Ford Expedition, to transform them into real small tanks.
Detailed processing : it dismantles the entire structure, and you put steel bars along beneath behind. The purpose
: stop bullets from M-16, grenades thrown under the cars by these benefactors of public affairs, and their henchmen.
cost of the operation: between 20 000 and 50 000 euros, depending on shielding.
Tiebreaker: How many were supposed to win these politicians, anyway?

This business was born of a situation that could seriously indeed. The number of private militias has exploded since the arrival of President Arroyo to power in 2001. According to the Minister of Defence himself, so pay attention to-underestimate- there would be 132 today . The same department in 2007 were 43 - police spoke of 93 . It is quite difficult to count, because the militias are informal, often committed by politicians from time to time for specific missions. But what is certain is that their numbers have almost doubled since the arrival of Arroyo. It must be said that it was under his government has been strengthened and the role the number of CAFGUs and CVO, two para-military forces of the provinces, which are regularly misused by politicians for their dirty work.

The most bloody, was the massacre of Maguindanao in Mindanao. Everything came together: the sheer number of these para-military, the political dynasty that reigns supreme, and the tolerance of the President to his long-time ally.

It seems, unfortunately, that ally it exploded in his hands.

Meanwhile, for those who can afford it, I can provide the address of the garage shielding. It seems that spring free from a long burst of M-16. Ca by cons I can not guarantee they would not take the test before me.

But you can always follow me in the garage of the small factory, where we transform these tanks 4x4 self-defense policy. Here

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