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Plans For A Granny Flat

The return of Marcos, or history repeating itself

the Philippines, the leaders will follow and are very similar. To the boundary of cloning!
On May 10, 24 years after the fall of the dictator's most famous country, his son who was elected in a landslide: Ferdinand Marcos 'Junior' has received more than 12 million votes in his name (same as his father, so you'll understand). And has thus been pushed as a senator, one of the highest offices in the country and footboard to the institutional presidency. 12 million voices: this is a voter in three. It is not nothing you will agree. It is far from the vote of a resistance group in the last hour of nostalgic for the old regime, or even miscalculation. No, 24 years after the end of a regime that emptied the state coffers and violently repressed the opposition, Filipinos have clearly chosen: we will again Marcos trust.

( Photo: Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., son of former dictator President, begins a term as a senator than 6 years. In the footsteps of his father, he does not deny the Legacy )

It may seem unlikely just for Europeans. It has beheaded the wife of Louis XVI for having too close relations with a despot. Filipinos manage their muscular leaders differently: they not only elected the son of the despot of flesh, but they come for the same price to elect his widow Imelda Marcos was elected MP 80 years and all her jewelry, or almost.

This reveals several things: First, the Filipinos, who have lived under the English and American colony for 400 years, really have nothing to do with them. They are really Asian, and different. The McDonalds and churches, just to pretend.
importantly, it illustrates many unknown features on the achievements of this beloved dictator Ferdinand Marcos, as well as the great kindness of Filipinos.

Yes, because for us Westerners Democrats and talented managers, Marcos is the perfect example of a leader who confuses the public purse and bank details in his name. Even the Swiss are in agreement to condemn - today. It is true that they reflect a bit slower on these issues here, refers to "interests".

But in the Philippines, the Marcos regime has left other memories: those of a time when electricity was cheaper and a more stable price, which the Philippines was self-sufficient in rice, while are now the largest importer in the world. And then of achievements, such as roads and cultural, which are still in place.

We French, we would have called this man an "enlightened despot". Certainly it is an expression Expired home. But not here. Because at least " politicians like Marcos projects. And even if they divert public money, they advance the country" me say its supporters. Whereas now, corruption is still widespread, but nobody does anything for the country . "Somehow, the return of Marcos is also a consequence of the ineffectiveness of his successors.

And then there's forgiveness and forgetting. Forgetfulness, first, because Filipinos have a short historical memory, and intellectuals are few, those who can help to perpetuate the memory of the Marcos regime's crimes against its opponents. The History is even more difficult to write any clan member was convicted in the Philippines. Imelda therefore continues to show off all its gilding in the great halls of the local aristocracy. Philippine industries have never invested in the guillotine, not really profitable.

And this forgiveness, certainly slightly Catholic. " Unlike other Asians, like the Japanese or Koreans, who never forget the evils of the past, Filipinos are very easy forgiveness , analyzes a professor of political science. They therefore consider that can not convict children for the sins of their parents' .

So it's not so bad that one of the best senators elected in the country with almost as many votes as President, called Ferdinand Marcos. In the Philippines, it was decided to offer him a second chance.

Discover the profile of this son and heir, Ferdinand Marcos Bongbong in this family portrait published in TIME

PS: Philippine politics play scenarios that often seem inspired by the blockbuster U.S. . And as a critic of this last episode, I would say it's played well enough to elect the son of Marcos at the same time Aquino's son. Both parents were the worst enemies 25 years ago, when Father Aquino was assassinated by the henchmen of the Marcos regime. Today, we take the same, and the film resumes. What's going on? The excitement was at its height in Manila.


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