Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cats Ear Bloody With Puss

These 43 people disenfranchised

is a number which made the headlines recently Filipino: 43
A number. The number of people arrested on February 6 by a joint raid by police and army, in a house in the countryside north of Manila.
What was happening in this house? According to these 43 people, a medical mission and a first aid training in this remote region. Many were indeed doctors, other nurses.
For the army, the story is totally different. These 43 people are members of the communist rebels of the New People's Army (NPA), and conducted training in making explosives.

Origin differs. But the result seems to agree the players, or almost. As a result of this arrest, the army has acknowledged having handcuffed and blindfolded these defendants continually. For 3 days.
Then they denied the right to see lawyers. For 5 days.

Some of the defendants then claimed that they had been tortured, sometimes to electricity, for they speak. The Commission on Human Rights came several times, and shared his outrage at this blatant violation of human rights, for reasons to fight against the communist insurgency of the New People's Army.

This fight against communist rebels is indeed the credo that seems to justify serious violations of human rights, and hundreds of alleged executions by the army since the arrival of Gloria Arroyo to power. And this example shows how the military is accustomed and comfortable to act outside the Constitution and the law.

Follow me around and inside the barracks, where detainees are still those 43 suspected rebels who receive this injustice exception.

Legend Leila Lima, Director of the Committee on Human Rights met General Segovia, commander of the 2nd Infantry Division which holds the 43 accused.


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